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If you run or use your van for business purposes then you need to be protected by comprehensive van insurance. Your van will be a highly important part of your day-to-day living and business or you may run a fleet of vans - either way good quality, competitively priced van insurance is vital for your living.

Van insurance has now become as competitive as car insurance price-wise and there are many mainstream UK insurance companies and providers that are able to give you a cheap van insurance quote - yet still provide all the van insurance extras that you will have become used to using your van for either business or just as an extra household vehicle.

Van Insurance Direct brings you a great selection of the UK's top van insurance providers so you can compare and contrast the best van insurance or commercial van insurance that these leading providers can offer and then get the best van insurance for your business. Van Insurance Direct is also able to give you a UK van insurance quote if you have a business running a fleet or several hundred vans or commercial vehicles.

Van insurance is available at different levels from basic third-party van insurance to fully comprehensive van insurance whereby your insurance cover is extended to include cover for important business extras such as transportation of stock, cover for equipment and loss of door-to-door sales.

A van or small light goods van is generally classified as a vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tonnes. Third party van insurance is the absolute minimum you must purchase to stay legal in the UK. This provides you with the basic cover for liability and to make your van road worthy covering you for fire and theft also.

Comprehensive van insurance gives you extra cover such as a courtesy vehicle - vital if you use your van for business - and the 'no quibble' promise of a full repair for your van or commercial vehicle in the event of any accident or damage.

Try our van insurance quote service now giving you the chance to compare and contrast van insurance from an excellent range of the top UK van insurance providers and get the best cheap van insurance. Van Insurance Direct also provides quotes on commercial vehicle insurance (commercial van insurance) and camper van insurance.

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Churchill Commercial Van Insurance
Churchill van insurance is currently offering a 10% discount for all new customers buying Churchill van insurance online. Covering commercial vans up to 2500cc, Churchill van insurance also provides a courtesy vehicles at no extra cost during repais, repair guarantees for 5 years from approved repairers and up to 65% no claims discount. Click here for a Churchill van insurance quote.

AA Van Insurance

Premierline Direct Van Insurance

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