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Older Pet Insurance

Getting pet insurance for your dog or cat when they are older can be an onerous task.

Sifting through the small print and checking what the cover ages are?  Or what will be excluded beyond existing medical conditions?  One thing's for sure, pet insurance is most definitely needed nowadays because the cost of medical care for pets has gone through the roof.  Even vaccinations cost up to 50 each and a major bout of veterinary treatment can set you back several thousand pounds.  And that is most unwelcome.

Older pet insurance for Cats and Dogs

The good news is that there a range of online pet insurance who will cover your cat or dog and they will also readily do so in spite of their age.  It may cost a little more and, of course, it will exclude pre-existing conditions.  However, it will provide full cover for most ailments and treatment with your veterinary practitioner - and that can be a huge relief.

So, which online providers can you get older pet insurance from.  Use our handy table below.  All of these prioviders have no upper age limit as part of their main pet insurance conditions and we have selected them for you.

Older dogs welcome  Older pet insurance from LV with 10% online discount
  Petpals Direct older pet insurance - click here
Older pet insurance from Homebase - click here
  Older pet Insurance from Argos with 5% off online - click here
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