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Get the best cheap home insurance quote from top UK home insurance companies

When you need a cheap home insurance quote make sure you get a good deal by throughly researching the market place. Cheap home insurance (or house insurance as it is commonly referred to) often comprises building insurance (cover for the bricks and mortar and will be a compulsory requirement of your mortgage) and contents insurance (cover for the contents inside your home in the event of theft, damage or fire. Many people choose to buy buildings insurance and contents insurance together which can often make good sense as home insurance providers offer a discount if you buy their combined buildings and contents insurance products.

It is important to remember that you are not obliged to purchase either home insurance (buildings insurance or contents insurance) from your mortgage lender. Many mortgage lenders will try and browbeat you into doing so - but it is often the case that their products are not the most competitively priced home insurance products - with many cheap home insurance providers elsewhere. make sure you shop around for a home insurance quote before you buy decide to buy.

What does home contents insurance cover?
Home contents insurance will typically cover you against theft (burglary) and damage to property (normally in the home). You would also be covered for damage caused by fire or flooding or any third party event typically included in a home contents insurance policy (please see our lenders below where you can check complete coverage per policy). If you choose to purchase the accidental damage option then you will also be covered for accidental damage insurance - this is particularly handy if you have young children.

As you get your home contents insurance quote online, most websites allow you to modify the insurance options that you require and you will be able to see the premium changing on the screen as you do so.

Buildings insurance, on the other hand, covers you for the physical structure of your home and, in the worst case scenario, the cost of rebuilding your house, bungalow, or maisonette. It also provides protection against fire and water damage and can also include accidental damage options similar to home contents insurance - where you might be covered, for example, for putting your foot through the ceiling accidentally as you're in the loft, or for windows or patio doors that shatter or get broken.

The simplest way to purchase home insurance is to buy a combined buildings and home contents insurance policy. The only occasion where you might not need buildings insurance if you own a property is if it's a flat or a leasehold property where buildings insurance might be provided on a general insurance policy by the leaseholder or landlord.

Buy cheap home insurance online
We've gathered together links to all the top UK home insurance providers so you can fully research the market. They all have simple home insurance quote engines so you can get a quote and then make a decision. Click below for our selection of home insurance providers. All of the providers below offer cheap home insurance plus offers of even cheaper premiums if you transact online with them. Direct Line home insurance offers extremely competitive deals at the moment and are worth researching if you need a buildings or contents insurance quote.

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M&S home insurance

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