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Equine insurance (or horse insurance as it is often termed) is a must if you own a horse. The costs of veterinary care for a horse can run into thousands of pounds and the risks involved with not having equine insurance are simply too great. It can mean the difference between getting the very best healthcare for your horse and not. Putting it mildly, owning a horse is not viable without having the very best veterinary and healthcare available - and that means top quality equine or horse insurance. Petplan Equine and E&L equine insurance (horse insurance) are market leaders in the provision of equine insurance. You can compare horse insurance quotes and both horse insurance providers below.

Petplan Equine

Petplan Equine providers comprehensive equine insurance for horses and ponies aged from 30 days to 19 years. Cover includes:

  • Protection for all types of horses and activities
  • Additional vets fees cover for injury and illness
  • Personal accident cover for anyone riding your horse
  • Buy online today from Petplan Equine and get a free Horse and Rider First Aid Kit.

Petplan equine insurance is an essential addition to your equestrian activity and, of course, is vital for the health and well-being of your horse.

Petplan equine also provides a veteran insurance plan for horses and ponies aged over 17 years, as well as a specialist horse rider insurance plan including cover for young riders. To get a quote for all of Petplan's equine insurance and horse insurance policies as well as their specialist horse rider insurance plan click below.

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E&L Horse Insurance

E&L has been a provider of quality equine insurance for over 20 years. With vets fees cover available up to a value of £5750 per incident and public liability cover of £1.25 million, E&L horse insurance is as comprehensive as it gets. The plans can be tailored to suit your needs but you will also get a 5% discount for buying online (click below) and a further 5% discount if you insure more than one horse.

E&L equine insurance is available at essential, intermediate value, intermediate and premier levels with the premier level covering you for loss of use as well. E&L really has all the options you need for comprehensive horse insurance. E&L horse insurance is available for horses aged 31 days to 15 years.

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E&L equine insurance also provides two further specialist equine policies: Mature horse insurance for horses aged over 15 years and horse trailer insurance. To get quotes for these two specialist policies see below

Click here for a quote for E&L mature horse insurance - with 20% discount online.

Click here for a quote for E&L horse trailer insurance - with 20% discount online.

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Horse insurance from E&L

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