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The Slanket and Kids' Slanket

The Slanket

The Slanket was originally conceived in the USA in 1998 by Gary Clegg - just a normal guy who liked to curl up on the sofa in his sleeping bag. He discovered that his TV remote control didn't work from inside his sleeping bag - which was a pain. His solution was to cut a hole in his sleeping bag so that he could change channels. Quite practical, but not very user friendly on the ol' sleeping bag which would not be of much use outside of the living room afterwards with a large hole inside it. Clegg then commissioned the world's first slanket!!

It takes its name 'slanket' from 'blanket' and 'sleeves' because that's exactly what it is - a warm, cosy blanket with sleeves in it just like a dressing gown. The Slanket is great for lounging around on cold winter afternoons and evenings on the sofa with a warm cup of cocoa or hot chocolate and without a care in the world - and because of its innovative design you can also save money on heating bills.

It's made from 100% polyester fleece and the adult slanket dimensions are 95" x 60" (241cm x 152cm). The kids' slanket size is 66" x 44" (167cm x 142cm). It's got large, loose sleeves, is machine washable and comes in a variety of colours. The adult slanket comes in pink, ruby wine, Limoges blue, chocolate, hunter green and Alaskan blue while the kids slanket comes in ruby wine, Limoges blue and pink. Slankets are ideal for men and women, girls and boys and will always keep you warm and cosy.

The Slanket is set to become one of this year's best selling Christmas presents for both adults and children and is also very competitively priced. To buy The Slanket or the Kids' Slanket see the order details below.

Buy The Slanket from for £14.99 - click here

Buy the Kids Slanket for £19.99 - click here

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Quite simply, The Slanket is the best blanket ever. It's great indoors or even when you're camping or in colder places. It's the best blanket and the best fleece you'll ever own. Don't miss out on your chance to buy this great Christmas present before they get into short supply - they're sure to be very popular this Christmas.

The Slanket

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